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Recovery for Injuries Caused by Design Defects

“Product liability” is the area of the law enabling recovery for those injured by defective products. Some commentators suggest it reflects a balance between the benefits that society as a whole reaps from technological developments versus harm to consumers when the products are defective and cause injury. Product liability is largely established by state laws, including actual case decisions, and …

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Crashworthiness of Cars and Product Liability

The principles of product liability provide consumers with some protection against injury from defective products and a means of recovering damages for injuries resulting from the use of defective products. The protection is in general provided by state laws. As a consequence, the nature, extent and procedures connected with this protection vary significantly from state to state. The most expensive …

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Credit Repair Organizations Act to Protect the Public

Credit repair clinics generally promise consumers that they will permanently remove negative information from credit reports, for a fee. A record of bankruptcy will appear on an individual’s credit report for 10 years, which can make the promise by credit repair clinics to remove such negative information from consumer reports seem rather alluring. To address the concern that credit repair …

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The Federally-Insured Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage is an arrangement under which a homeowner may get a loan representing a percentage of home equity. The homeowner will not be required to make payments or repay the loan so long as she continues to reside in her home and keeps taxes and insurance current. Reverse mortgages are more popular than conventional home loans among the …

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